We tread the sticky carpet while reaching out into the web.

PPC Records began with the idea of reducing the distance between artist and audience; to circulate music through traditional and new media.

In the middle of a dank Melbourne winter in 2005 two ex-Tasmanian boys called up their friends asking for music. They were starting an independent label.

PPC Records would be a place for bands of substance operating outside of the mainstream. The aim was not to be genre-based, instead, like the label’s sleepwalker, go by feel and instinct. Soon after that, PPC’s debut compilation, The First Dose was released.

PPC signed new acts from further afield. By 2007 the label had several artist releases in their catalogue. They put records into independent music shops. They posted music online. They picked up national radio play and international interest.

The Third Dose was launched in the middle of 2009 in Melbourne. The 3D themed event showcased label artists Steven Heath, E-wah Lady and Pete and the Tar Gang.

PPC have now secured digital distribution.

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