Almost Sold My Axe EP

Released: 2006
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E-wah Lady's latest release Almost Sold my Axe is the second chapter in dealing with love, longing, loss and lust gone wrong. After all her dithering and misfiring the Lady's all done lounging about and is out of the domestic abyss and playing around again. Where the first release from E-wah, This is Remorse left no stone unturned or unthrown in its florrid, torrid, flourish of fury, "Axe" contemplates the dismal and the dire, sharpening the blunted edge and singing with ac-tu-al words. The six electric guitar based songs on Almost Sold My Axe reflect E-wah Lady's live shows more than This is Remorse with added fortification laid down with kack-handed devotion at peak plasma studios in the Melbourne winter of 2006. Each extended play release is lovingly hand-crafted by E-wah Lady using manila, cotton, sticky tape, cut out photocopies, $2 shop clear and wood veneer contact, sparkly pen axe illustration and then stamped with the ppc stamp and issued it's own number and individual rose sticker.

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