Bridgewater Bridge


Comprised of members from East Coast legends The Fisherman and The Elvis Christ Band, plus local rock-stock from the Slaughterhouse Five, BWB are a Perth-based four-piece bringing a new, desperate reworking of the Classic Guitar Rock of Yesterday to the appreciative ears of the drinkers, thinkers and lovers alike. Influences within the band are diverse and contrasting, as two prime but independent songwriters use the titanium solid bass and expansive and capricious percussion to achieve vastly different ends. On one hand the majesty of the human condition is explored, on the other its sleazy underbelly. At one moment the audience is transfixed by the classic balladier song-smithery that would find itself at home in the collection of any Lennon or McCartney fan, the next they are disemboweled by walls of scorching gain that would arouse Jimmy Page himself. The young Jimmy. Having already made WA a comfortable home, playing all over Perth and Fremantle, Bridgewater Bridge are a dirty star in ascent, a well-described car accident, the Rebirth of Cool and Rock's Bloody Afterbirth.


The Second Dose2008
Singles and Demos2006-2007