Hello Instinct EP

Released: 2007
hello instinct 5 minute band.jpg

Revolution takes just 5 seconds. The new release "Hello Instinct" by the 5 Minute Band took a little longer and doesn't claim to be revolutionary but it will make you see time and space a little differently. The 5 Minute Band subscribe to the notion that first take is best take and that the heart of creativity is in the 1 per cent inspiration and not the 99 per cent perspiration.

Form the opening number Dot Dash Dagger you'll know what we mean. Recorded in the 25th hour in June in 5 minutes despite the songs running time being 6 minutes. You can hear the echoes of insomnia and a dot and dash of econometrics and geometrics. The possible paradoxial traditional sounds of Photograph belie the complete denial of tradition elsewhere on the record. Some sounds will be familiar, you might hear Vega, Rev, Pierce and Kember,
Van Vliet, and the unusal supects but you wont have heard this before...

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