Demotions, Promotions and Yakuza Smile Gig


G'day mates, throw another shrimp on the bar-bee, pass me a yakuza-d00dle, and get up off me chilly bin (says Corey in his indian- australian accent)

 Yes friends it has been awhile but we are back to say 'ello mates.  Those crazy Yakuzas being the men of the world that they are have been separately walking the earth and exploring the far reaches of the world; each wearing out their respective shoes, tripping their soles thin, crawling on hands and knees to the nearest bars in the various boroughs, and stamping on the traditional customs of the locals.  We have all been out and about spreading ourselves across this great continent, but it is now time however that we return to the Dam so that the YAKUZA SMILE can be reconvened for one last hurrah before the ship goes under (there is the obligatory pirate reference, you know, since they are everywhere these days!..... topical).

 It is true that after our next gig this coming Saturday April 25th at Bitterzoet, the Yakuza Smile as you know it will be coming to a temporary stop to adjust its leggings! We are momentarily stepping aside to rebuild! We will return BIGGER, STRONGER, AND FASTER. Yes, we will rise up, rise uuup, rise waaaayyy uuuuuuuuupppppp!!!  Ok, that seems dramatic, but you see things have been afoot in the Yakuza Camp for a while now. Back room alliances have been made, diplomatic discussions attempted, fires lit, and bombs dropped.  The tides have changed yet again in YAKUZA-land and big things are following this one last wave of ecstasy that is setting sail next Saturday the 25 of April.

 But....second thing's first.  The Yakuzas have acquired a new secret weapon.  A drummer so skilled, so amazing, so incredible, that Corey had to concede the throne.  Yes he will be moving along to his THIRD position in the long running saga of the HBD/YAKUZA SMILE story (he really is running out of options here... triangle or foot massager could be the next logical progression).  Taking up arms and breaking out Colonel A...err, "Fat Tony Stagnioli" (sorry that's shop talk for his guitar) Corey will now take up position as second guitarist in an attempt to fatten up the live sound and turn this meager little ghost of a band into a Monster force of sound not to be reckoned with.  But wait you say, what about the rocking back-beat we have all come to expect from the Smile.... well we will be introducing our NEW Drummer live in a few weeks.  A man who needs no introduction...well ok, yea he does... straight from the far'ist southern regions of of the world, or New Zealand, comes 'that (great) guy': Caleb McNabb.  Dun dun dun.... Soon we will be rushing into the rehearsal room and will be putting together a whole new rock-show for you all.  Stay tuned for an update on this and some gig announcements regarding the new incarnation of the Yakuza Smile.  It will be, as they say, EPIC BRO!!!!!

 Now, back to immediate business.  This coming Saturday April 25, the Smile will be setting up stage at a very, very nice venue called Bitterzoet right here in Amsterdam (Spuistraat 2, 1012 TS in Amsterdam to be exact). We will play as part of an evening put together by Homegrown Events in celebration of ANZAC DAY. What is that you ask?  I dont know for sure, another Aussie/NZ excuse to blow their own bugel and throw up all over each other if you ask me...  Ok ok, now really it is quite a big deal! Its a National holiday observed by both countries in celebration of Unity, Courage, and Fighting (to a Stale Mate); for those blokes came together as one on this fateful date in 1915 to stand strong in battle during WWI.  It was an undertaking of solidarity in an attempt to gain control of The Gallipoli Peninsula and open passage of the Black Sea for the Allied forces.  In other words, this evening the booze will be a flowin' as the sea once flowed with the blood of our brothers!!!  In honor of this momentous battle there will be a strong Aussie/New Zealand influence during the night with special Kiwi singer-songwriter, Mike Berry who will be performing some classics to get it started.  Afterwards the Smile take the stage around 9:30 led by our sexy Aussie front man, Mr. Tom Morgan.  We have really gone the extra mile (or kilometer, for those southern-hemisphereans) and have been spending this week, as well as the next, in the practice room learning a handful of classic Aussie/Kiwi covers to present for the night.  We will be breaking out a full force assault of classic Yakuza Smile 'hits' mixed in with several of these new Aussie/Kiwi cover songs just for this momentous occasion!!  If anything, come to hear Corey ask 'which one is this again' before the start of each song...... also rumor has at that Kit and Tom will be performing a very moving duet ('are they serenading each other' you will wonder)!!!

***** Now in a bit of irony our new southern-hemisphere-Kiwi member who would further legitimize our presence at this event will not be able to join us for the night so this will be our last show as a three piece!! We will just have to make do with Kits english accent, which is quite similar in my ears to an Aussie (though it is rather posh for him to truly pass for a dirty Skip).... and don't get us started on our American allies sad attempt at a said accent.....

 Really it will be quite a night, so for those of you who have only made it to a few of our shows and had the pleasure of seeing us play an intimate room (read: nobody but our mums), this is your chance to feel the full force of the Yakuza Smile in a big venue with a massive crowd!  Yes the energy level will be high, the good times will roll and the night will be, as the saying goes, 'off the hook'! Its gonna be a big one, so be there as we expect a lively fun crowd and lots of good times to be had! This venue really is quite nice, so it's one show worth checking out!!!!

 Oh but wait you say, didn't you just kind of breeze over one of the important points up there! This is the last Yakuza Smile show as three piece?

 Oh yes, sorry, let us re-itterate this point!!  As we mentioned we will be re-posistioning (in-joke about BrAND awareness) ourselves as a quartet soon and this will be THE FINAL SHOW for the Yakuza Smile in this formation!!  This is it folks!! Come out and celebrate, if not for the awesome ANZAC festivities, then for this historic last hurrah of the Yakuza Smile as you know it...  You will probably never get another chance to see the band in this setup, so now is the time friends, now is the time!!!

 Stay tuned and we will send out a reminder next week, but in the meantime, get busy with your pda's, twitter yourself, and interface your friends (I ran out of good tech innuendo's for that last one)!

 We really want to see you there!!

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