Interview with JDC from Bridgewater Bridge


PPC Records had the chance to catch up with Jason from Perth band Bridgewater Bridge (formerly Dry German Grass). This is what was said:

Who are the Bridgewater Bridge and what are you trying to do to us?

Bridgewater Bridge is the link between good and evil. Depending on which way you're heading we can either be the the first step to better living or the first reaches into a dark decay. We're here:You decide.

Tell us about a typical day in the life of Bridgewater Bridge.

Silk and Satin, Leather and Lace, Chiffon and Fine Cotton. Beating cold hard steel. Taxing the working class. Then we go home and get dirty. We probably don't have to, but for some reason we feel compelled to hold day jobs. Haha

Your sound harkens back to the days of beetroot in burgers and sand in your dunlop volleys, is this a band of sentimentality or a fact that quality is forever?

You know what they say: You can root a beet but you can't beet a root!! Hey We're just a group, we make music, we listen to music and we love it. Is
ou sound sentimental? Yeah I spose, but yes quality is forever and so is the Bridgewater Bridge. If your hell bent on coming up with something new for the sake of something new you loose touch of why you do it, it becomes fabricated. You write a song or whatever share if with someone, play it- whatever..... and if it feels good it feels good. Just let it flow.

What does the future look like for Bridgewater Bridge?

Burswood Dome, Rod Laver Arena, Telsra Stadium, Wembly Stadium, Hollywood Bowl.....You get the picture. I can't see Bridgewater Bridge staying small. If we do that's cool but look at me, what do you think.Take over the country, take wicked drugs and get laid more minutes of the day than not.. Ha ha. No really we want to write (hopefully good) songs, enjoy them as a group and hopefully have other people enjoy them too. I'm a simple man with a simple plan. Satin and silk and sweet rock n roll..............Man.

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