PPC Records presents "The Third Dose"


Peak Plasma Concentration Records presents its latest compilation:  The Third Dose, which was spectacularly launched at a showcase performance recently in Melbourne set to 3D projections (complete with 3D glasses).

So, what's on this thing? 

From NSW, Steven Heath presents two songs, Radar Radar and Devil at My Heels from his latest EP, The Crane Field. Steven Heath’s ability to produce such solitary sounds is incredible and the best way to appreciate the fact is to take in account when and where the music is played. The Crane Field is emotional – its soundscapes make you think.” (The Dwarf – review of The Crane Field) Steven Heath can next be seen at The Oxford Tavern in Wollongong NSW, playing with Bird Automatic on 27th August.  

Pete and the Tar Gang are a band of piratical travellers who often call Melbourne home port. They tell their many tales of far flung lands through enchanting and poetic songs and have been sharing rum soaked tales from velvet curtained stages around Melbourne for well on two years now. Most recently the sea-sprayed troupe launched their debut album, Songs of the Hollow Bone Moon at the Melbourne Fringe Festival to great acclaim. From the 18th September Pete and the Tar Gang will be performing as part of the “Under The Radar Festival” at Sue Benner Theatre in Brisbane.  

Perth's Bridgewater Bridge share with us the first givings from their up-coming debut release. The white heat energy of Where do I go from Here Lord and the glam rock fade out of Sunburnt Handcapture the fractious energy of the band's duelling frontmen, titanium solid bass  and a driving open road of rhythm section. The archetypal live band, Bridgewater Bridge have to be seen and you can do that when they play the Hydey in Perth on 23rd August. 

Amsterdam's rocking international four piece, Yakuza Smile have recently been bunkered down in the studio. After several line-up changes, name changes and set backs, their trooping spirit will see their long overdue debut rise from the bunker in late 2009. The song Outa Here is a wee dram of what will be a mighty dose of the 'Dam's finest out on PPC Records in 2009.   

E-wah Lady is back in Melbourne, playing her first show in 18 months, complete with band, at the launch of The Third Dose in early August. The Third Dose features some demos of what will be E-wah’s fourth release later in 2009-10 and the first since 2007’s Lights and Sirens. E-wah “drives the songs a lot more with her voice and its melody, rather than with the tasteful and interesting backing which is as often a stab in the back to the song as it is a gentle soothing hand upon it.” (Mess+Noise) Look out for E-wah Lady playing support on the Melbourne leg of Oliver Mann's national tour in October. 

Melbourne via Hobart troubadour Mojo Al has dredged the six string out from Port Phillip Bay after its long and treacherous journey across the Bass Strait to tell his stories, in what other way, but A B C D E F and G blues. Mojo will be playing around Melbourne town at the opportune venues and beckoning side streets, so say hello.... 

Finally, Insult for Injury(a project involving E-wah Lady) may have gone into hiding but PPC Records thought the rumbling of their track Said It from their EP Other Side of the Street was worth rolling out. The EP is still available (in limited copies) online so jump to it if you want to salvage more of the Insult for Injury sound for yourself. 

About Peak Plasma Concentration Records – Simple really, two chaps liked music and wanted to share the music they liked made by people they liked. A few years on, and after 12 releases, they are still doing it. For more about the artists featured on The Third Dose visit www.ppcrecords.com or contact PPC Records info@ppcrecords.com or Stuart mob: +61407 881 051

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