PPC Records releases The First Dose


The First Dose provides a first hit of new sounds from artists such as the axe wielding, Melbourne based songstress E-wah Lady, with a track each from her two PPC releases, the debut This is Remorse and the follow-up ep Almost Sold my Axe. Also on The First Dose is the Amsterdam based Triskelion with their rocking psychodelic blues, from Hobart the bitter-sweet soaked sounds of The Shakes, the new thing from Hong Kong - Mat Kong, the dischordant chords of 5 Minute Band and the heart-string pulling Charles Donnelly. Then there's the highly original blues folk balladeer, Mojo Al who gives his unique take on life. New Melbourne band Insult for Injury will ravage with their entwined bramble of guitars and stinging vocals.

The First Dose is just that. After the first dose you’ll need a second which is currently in preparation with new artists joining PPC records from Perth, Tasmania and Melbourne. The Second Dose promises a new eclectic electric high and can be expected for collection in the first half of 2007.

Check it out: