Steven Heath releases "The Crane Field" EP

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Steven Heath has recently added to his growing discography with his new record "The Crane Field." It was recorded on an 8-track an was made using cheap keyboards, reverb pedals and cassette-tape drum loops. "The Crane Field" is the story of a dream about the end of the world (which seems to have appeared as a metaphor of feelings of guilt). SH told PPC that making this EP had "taken a lot out of me. Hope you like it."

Reviews have, as expected, been positively positive:

"Radar Radar is a gorgeous,soaking, downbeat ballad with ghostly echoes, kept
afloat by the steady drum kick and the whispering strum of guitar" (BEAT)

"Heath’s ability to produce such solitary sounds is incredible and the best way to appreciate the fact is to take in account when and where the music is played. The Crane Field is emotional – its soundscapes make you think." (The Dwarf)

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