Yakuza Smile the LAST SHOW EVER This Thursday August 27th in Amsterdam!!!!


Thats right we are announcing the YAKUZA SMILE Farewell Show - -

This Thursday August 27th, 2009

at De Heeren Van Aemstel (at the Rembrandtplein in Amsterdam)

Doors are at 8pm!!!

Entry cost is 5 euros.

 I'll keep the rest of it short and simple as breaking up is hard to do and the less said the easier;

 With one Yakuza heading home for New Zealand at the end of August, and another for Aussie in September, the Yakuza boys have decided to call it a day and send themselves off with a gloriously self-important farewell gig on 27 August, wiping that Yakuza Smile off your faces.

[Hang on… we'll give you a minute to take that in... it's ok to cry a little... we did (a lot).]

 So please get your sweet asses down to De Heeren van Aemstel on Rembrandtplein and bring everyone you know to see Yakuza Smile for officially the last time ever in Amsterdam (that we know of at this time).

Yakuza Smile will be supported by Amsterdam-based, Kiwi songsmith, Mike Berry, who’s serenading will make your insides swoon like a melted Eskimo Pie.  Keeping things groovy between sets and keeping the party hoppin' until 3 am will be our special guest, DJ Olly.   Come join us for this varied night of 'songsmithing', 'rock and rolling', and 'booty shaking', this along with general frivolity (everyone’s favourite military office) will keep you entertained until the wee hours (or at least keep you going until a respectable hour...for you squares, we wont make you stay all night).

It’s a Thursday night, but who cares! ? Bring your boss along, and spike their drink...Friday will be a breeze from thence onwards.

Come say, “Sayonara” to Yakuza Smile!

Doors will open at 20:00 (5 euro entrance)

Live music starts at aprox 20:45 with Mike Berry kicking things off.  Then the Yakuza Smile will take the stage and likely finish up around 00:30, leaving you with DJ Olly till 03:00!!!

Predoor 5.00 tickets - plse email

 Here are additional details, but if you need to know more you can also email us back.

De Heeren Van Aemstel:


De Heeren van Aemstel

Thorbeckeplein 5

1017 CS Amsterdam

Public Transport


14 ,4, 9

(stop at Rembrandtplein)

on the web:


 With our undying love (hey guys we only got to keep up this fake smile for a few more days),

The Yakuza Smile