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Yakuza Smile the LAST SHOW EVER This Thursday August 27th in Amsterdam!!!!


Thats right we are announcing the YAKUZA SMILE Farewell Show - -

This Thursday August 27th, 2009

at De Heeren Van Aemstel (at the Rembrandtplein in Amsterdam)

Doors are at 8pm!!!

Entry cost is 5 euros.  read more »

PPC Records presents "The Third Dose"


Peak Plasma Concentration Records presents its latest compilation:  The Third Dose, which was spectacularly launched at a showcase performance recently in Melbourne set to 3D projections (complete with 3D glasses).

So, what's on this thing?   read more »

"The Third Dose" compilation launch


Media Release: Peak Plasma Concentration Records Showcase celebrating the release of “The Third Dose” Compilation  read more »

PPC Records presents Pete and the Tar Gang


Please welcome to the PPC Records stage, Pete and the Tar Gang, a band of piratical travellers, who tell their many tales of far flung lands through enchanting and poetic song.    read more »

Be Mine Forever - new video from Steven Heath

 read more »

PPC Records April 2009...'tis the season

Well, we don't know when we last sent one of these but that hardly matters does it, all you need to know is we are still here, where ever here may be. The last 12 months have seen some new releases, some new signings, introducing PPC to our US friends and establishing a presence in Sydney (Australia).  read more »

Demotions, Promotions and Yakuza Smile Gig


G'day mates, throw another shrimp on the bar-bee, pass me a yakuza-d00dle, and get up off me chilly bin (says Corey in his indian- australian accent)  read more »

Steven Heath releases "The Crane Field" EP

Steven Heath pic.jpg

Steven Heath has recently added to his growing discography with his new record "The Crane Field." It was recorded on an 8-track an was made using cheap keyboards, reverb pedals and cassette-tape drum loops. "The Crane Field" is the story of a dream about the end of the world (which seems to have appeared as a metaphor of feelings of guilt).  read more »

Yakuza Smile announces London shows Feb 27, 28


Also a show on Feb 21st at the The Winston, in the heart of the red light district in Amsterdam.

See for more info.

While you're there at the myspace page have a listen to the last minute or so of Hands in Pocket, some great guitar interplay.

Some new vids from E-wah Lady

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