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New website upgrade

Features the new PPC Store, accepting PayPal and credit card payments.

- CD Orders
- Purchasable MP3 downloads.

Also there is enhanced listening experience including PPC Radio (check it out to the right).

A few other design changes also...

Hand Bites Dog - Oxygen filmclip released

Featuring pigeons in Dam Square, Amsterdam. Thanks to Britton Productions for help wih the clip. The band are currently recording so more tunes on the way.  read more »

Interview with JDC from Bridgewater Bridge


PPC Records had the chance to catch up with Jason from Perth band Bridgewater Bridge (formerly Dry German Grass). This is what was said:

Who are the Bridgewater Bridge and what are you trying to do to us?  read more »

PPC Records releases The First Dose


The First Dose provides a first hit of new sounds from artists such as the axe wielding, Melbourne based songstress E-wah Lady, with a track each from her two PPC releases, the debut This is Remorse and the follow-up ep Almost Sold my Axe.  read more »

Almost Sold My Axe EP Release

almost sold my axe .jpg

E-wah Lady's latest release Almost Sold my Axe is the second chapter in dealing with love, longing, loss and lust gone wrong. After all her dithering and misfiring the Lady's all done lounging about and is out of the domestic abyss and playing around again.  read more »

PPC Records 1st Release - This is Remorse

This Is Remorse.jpg

This is This Is Remorse, the debut album from E-WAH LADY written and recorded in a delirium over three weeks.  read more »