The Second Dose

Released: 2008

A double dose of Steven Heath, our Wollongong connection, with hefty portions of his addictive downbeat blues. E-Wah Lady gives a pleasing warm ache via the Waiting Song from her Lights & Sirens release and a previously unreleased demo track. Amsterdam based Hand Bites Dog are free basing on Oxygen and a second go with Hands in Pocket. Five Minute Band, who one reviewer described as “a new form of euthanasia” will set to kill with a track from their 2007 Hello Instinct EP.

This may already be pushing listeners to peak plasma concentration levels but push yourself a little further with Brisbane based The Genes delivering new material from their album Death of a Memory. Philippine dreaming Charles Donnelly’s blissed out pop song Mahal Kita leaves a sweet sensation balanced perfectly with the comedown from Perth based Bridgewater Bridge and their paean of pain - Kill Me til I Die. Wash it all down with Heavy Lovesick Wine from the swimming sounds of The Shakes.

Melbourne’s Insult for Injury reverberate days later with scars of brambles and tales of suburban dreaming. Tasmania’s Absolute Devastation, caught perhaps within that dream, bring along the rundown and around rock to share with you all in Wasted Play.

By now, you’re looking at the spinning ceiling praying for comfort then in saunters Mojo Al armed just with a guitar to put it all in perspective with his tales - When I First Started Out and Simple Life.

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The Second Dose Audio Playlist

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