PPC Records April 2009...'tis the season

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Well, we don't know when we last sent one of these but that hardly matters does it, all you need to know is we are still here, where ever here may be. The last 12 months have seen some new releases, some new signings, introducing PPC to our US friends and establishing a presence in Sydney (Australia).

Our key printed releases last year have been continuing to get spins around Oz on our favourite stations, RRR, 3CR and PBS in Melbourne, Edge Radio Hobart, FBI and 2SER in Sydney, 4ZZZZ Brisbane and RTR in Perth. Of course any other station that has been playing our records is also counted amongst our favourites. As name dropped above, a delegation from PPC Records hit willing cities and radio stations in the US in 2008 (San Fransisco, Austin and NYC) to share the Peak Plasma message. There is some indication that some citizens of the land of the free might now be hearing songs from our folk which is their gain. PPC subscribers both in Oz and offshore who think their local radio station (or online station) would also be interested in sharing the sounds of the likes of E-wah Lady, Steven Heath, Insult for Injury, The Shakes, Yakuza Smile, Bridgewater Bridge etc.... email us the details remembering to give us the name and home address (joking) of your favourite DJ and we'll shoot them some of the PPC back catalogue.

What is else is news?...well, while this is could be called a 'newsletter', the infrequent delivery means the best place to find out the latest is to visit on a regular basis the www.ppcrecords.com website and, as of a few weeks ago, you can now visit www.myspace.com/peakplasmaconcentration ... thats right, we have finally succumb to the irrepressible beast that is on-line social networking ... so check it out, invite us to be your friend, pop a message of love and encouragement on our page cause its looking a little lonely at the moment. You can call in here to pick up news and links to our artists individual pages for the latest on gigs etc plus the latest videos from E-wah Lady and Steven Heath. It's through the Myspace page that we plan to 'drop in' (if thats the tech term) new demos, works it progress etc so keep an eye there.

The big, and current news, is Steven Heath has recently released his latest EP, "The Crane Field". Reviews have, as expected, been positively positive:

"Heath’s ability to produce such solitary sounds is incredible and the best way to appreciate the fact is to take in account when and where the music is played. The Crane Field is emotional – its soundscapes make you think." (The Dwarf)

"Radar Radar (from the EP) is a gorgeous,soaking, downbeat ballad with ghostly echoes, kept afloat by the steady drum kick and the whispering strum of guitar." (BEAT)

"The Crane Field" is soon to be available for purchase on-line at www.ppcrecords.com

Contact us for pre-purchase copies info@ppcrecords.com

More can be read, seen and heard at www.myspace.com/stevenheathmusic

Whats else can we tell you....

+ plans are forming for a significant PPC event in the middle of 2009, likely for Melbourne in the first instance, but more on this later....

+ rumours that former Hobart based band, Slide are rehearsing again, for the first time in five or so years, are rife. PPC can confirm some element of truth to a Slide reformation. Whether that means touring and/or into the studio is anyone's guess. Word has emerged that the last studio recordings were scrapped when it was felt that and they had "struggled to capture the band".Then the rest is history, and the band became a part of Hobart music history, dissolving until now.

+ E-wah Lady is back in Melbourne putting together a band to add to her live show, a return to the stage is imminent. Check out www.myspace.com/ewahlady for news and the new videos from the Lady.

+ After an endless list of high quality demos, mystery pop outfit The Shakes are returning to the studio to put together their debut EP in the second half of '09.

+ Amsterdam's Yakuza Smile have recently demolished both their home town and London Town with a memorable set of shows and are now also working on creating a permenant record of there cracking rock tunes.

+ Finally, we heard that Perth's Bridgewater Bridge are about to flex their collective muscle on stage and in studio.

Whats this all mean?... a big 2009 for PPC Records.......best thing to do is keep an eye on www.ppcrecords.com and www.myspace.com/peakplasmaconcentration

So what can you do?....spread the word.... PPC Records isn't your every day source of music.. if you know anyone who likes their music from the other side of the street then give them a gift subscription to our newseltter.  simply send us thier email and we'll take care of the rest. The first 10 people to send us five (genuine) emails that aren't already on our subscribers lists gets themselves a copy of the "Second Dose" compilation disk to love and hold and listen to... info@ppcrecords.com is he place to let us know.....

That's it for now.