Songs of the Hollow Bone Moon

Released: 2009

Travail over lands and seas, through stretches of time near and distant!... From the very beginnings of mankind, to the inhospitable yeti haunted peaks of the Scottish Highlands.
Encounter the wild trickster ghosts of the colony, wander with us in sneering caution through the ‘Old Carbon Town' - flee with us from the shotgun wielding farmer and sail with us on the fathomless depths of the open seas!!’
Pete and the Tar Gang, a band of world weary piratical travelers who tell their many tales from the far flung lands through enchanting poetic song. Live they are a show of music combined with strong performance and narrative elements and atmospheres, with musical tales ranging from sodden sea shanties, to raucous Dada-esque absurdities, to haunting ghost story waltzes, junkyard hoe downs and gritty colonial flavoured cabaret.
The songs and characters sung and performed by the commanding Pete and accompanied musically by the impish Tar Gang ensemble. The musically dynamic Tar Gang are Renato Vacirca on Drums, Kirri Buchler on Violin and Jeanie Macarthur Brown on Junk Percussion, as well as the infamous and utterly mysterious 'Tar Pit Mens Choir' on backing vocals... Apart from unleashing their whirlwind of tales at various dingy dives of many an old town, the group have brought their 'Songs Of The Hollow Bone Moon' to such places as The Village Festival, The Fringe Festival, and even performed a very special theatre show, Four Rogues, at the 2008 Next Wave Festival.
Later in the year 09 they will be expeditioning north, to tell their stories to the fine folk of Queensland, Australia, at The Brisbane Festival, as part of Under The Radar. And now for a sample of what the citizens have spoken..........
“Songs of the Hollow Bone Moon is unquestionably a deviation from the commonplace art that we patrons typically expect to find on our plates. In this case, there is something altogether different. Not just different, but eclectic, avant-garde, poetic, endlessly creative, mysterious, artistically genius, and infinitely entertaining… the music both individually and as a whole is remarkable, while, as always, Peter’s storytelling and singing are absolutely brilliant.” James G. Carlson – Philadelphia Examiner
“The Tar Gangs show is a rollicking ride on a leaky vessel lost in the North Sea and accompanied by madmen. It’s hiding in a barn from blunderbuss attacks as dogs bark forlornly. There are elements of Dickens, Edgar Allen Poe, David Lynch.” The Village Festival Newspaper.

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