Steven Heath


Steven Heath is 24. He makes: Bleak / downbeat / alt. acoustic music. He was born in London. And lived in Edinburgh. And then Sydney. He grew up listening to both Hank Williams and the Velvet underground. Became fixated on Rock Dreams, streetlight-noir, airports and the album Nebraska. Enrolled in art school and learned how to play the guitar. Started recording songs on an 8-track in a friend’s spare room. Throughout 2007 radio stations started playing his songs. He quit coffee for a few weeks in April. In 2008 recorded an EP called Tel Aviv. The tracks on the EP are all lyrically connected [City lights, repetition, obsession with characters] and were recorded over a series of nights with only acoustic guitar, bass and minimal percussion. "Wonderfully downbeat" -Phillipe Perez, 2ser FM.


The Second Dose2008
Steven Heath
The Airport Fire EP2008
Steven Heath
Tel Aviv EP2007