This is Remorse

Released: 2006
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This is This Is Remorse, the debut album from E-WAH LADY written and recorded in a delirium over three weeks.

Unemployed, trapped in a doomed and disintegrating relationship, frustrated by her lack of attack musically, and then catching a bad dose of flu that wouldn't go away drove E-WAH LADY to the conclusion of “fuck it.” Having decided this, she buried herself in a room for about three weeks writing and improvising songs straight onto her cassette tape four track.

Her then partner would wake to the sounds of amplified distorted screams or panting or lyrics like “take a hit, hit me” and “see ya honey, I don't care” as she recorded each part herself one at a time. The writing process would often involve banging on the drums until hitting upon something she liked, like him screaming “shut up”.

This Is Remorse is an uneasy listening collection of rough and unsteady, awkward, aurally noxious, vulnerable and sleazy songs. Involved with a partner whose life revolved around an infatuation with drugs and crime was never going to be an easy thing, especially when trying to play gigs together. His habit of getting attached to the drum kit (sometimes just a tin and cardboard box hit with wooden spoons) with drool induced by a cocktail of drugs made things increasingly difficult. We couldn't really say that E-WAH LADY was at the peak of her health either.

E-WAH LADY played gigs around Melbourne and toured Tasmania, supporting Rowland S. Howard, The Bird Blobs, Kirsty Stegwazi and The Morning After Girls, but with all the difficulties, gave in and gave up, not playing shows for well over a year and a half.

She re-emerged, playing a successful show for a 3CR benefit and is featured on the DIY Arts Show compilation album with the song The Wait.

In the meantime, E-WAH LADY hid away in the second room of their mouse infested house, trying to avoid the ultimate demise of their haphazard bitter romance, fantasising away the days, slamming the door at any intrusion from her partner, and escaped with a collection of instruments, releasing the things she'd buried. Many of the songs are lyric-less with garbled mutterings or screams. Many are the delirious repeated taunts and dares of an isolated and abused housewife left with her desperate imaginings. Some are just plain ridiculous.

This Is Remorse is a step away from the electric guitar and lyric based songs E-WAH LADY has previously performed live. This Is Remorse will never happen again. It was created at the time it was laid onto tape and will never be performed live. It is what it is. An exorcism and an exercise in letting go of remorse.

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